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How to undress anyone in a few clicks?

Easy, just 3 steps!

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1. Pick a photo you want to nudify

If you want to get better results, make sure your photo contains just one person and have good contrast and quality. It'd be good if clothes isn't hiding the person's body silhouette.

2. Check the generated mask, add your touch

We try our best to detect clothes, but you can correct the mask – just use brush and eraser tools if you see it isn't correct. This area will be used to remove clothes from the photo.

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3. Submit the mask and wait while magic happens

You can use the tool totally free to generate 3 photos per day. Undressing takes about 2 minutes, but if you want to save your time you can subscribe to our VIP plan: it has no queue and undressing takes no more than 10 seconds.

How does DeepNude work?

DeepNude AI is a kind of Photoshop on steroids. Some people argue that the technology itself lacks ethics, while others say it's simply a faster Photoshop for those who struggle with the artistry and don't want to pay money to artists.

Developed using deep learning technology and neural networks, DeepNude online algorithm transforms ordinary photos of people into remarkably realistic images without clothes, basically you can nudify anyone. This is, of course, fiction and has no relation to reality. However, technology and art do not always go hand in hand with ethical principles.

Where did it come from?

Many extraordinary individuals create various amazing technologies that have the potential to surprise andcaptivate both regular users and hard-core geeks. However, some of these technologies not only evoke admiration but also raise the question: "Can it be real or even possible?"

The history of DeepNude Online AI is unique; it began as an experiment by enthusiasts who wanted to explore how far they could go with deep learning technologies and how neural networks could be used to dress or undress a person. The result of their work turned out to be less than comforting.

The main question regarding this completely unusual project arose from the ethical. The creation and use of software capable of virtually undressing people – while an incredibly fantastical technology – raise serious concerns regarding the privacy and security of individuals. With great technology comes great responsibility.

Certainly, many would like to undress celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman in their fantasies, and now there's software that can make this happen "for real."

Are there other similar projects?

In the middle of the summer of 2019, the developers of the main version of DeepNude made an unexpected decision - to shut down the project. This move was driven not only by technical difficulties but also by an awareness of the potential negative impact on society. It became a kind of signal that, despite the great possibilities of technology, there are things that are better left untouched.

But even after the project's closure, the influence of DeepNude persisted. Other websites based on similar technologies emerged, with developers picking up the idea and transforming it into their product.

Some of these projects: Deep Nude CC, Deep Nude AI, DeepNudify. You can find them in Google Search.

How ethical is it to undress someone?

Ethical debates continue, and DeepNude reminds us that sometimes technology can be both a stick and a carrot. On the one hand, it reveals the boundaries of what is possible in virtual reality, but on the other, it cautions us about how important it is to think about what we create and how it might impact our world.

In conclusion, DeepNude becomes part of the history of technological development, reminding us that in the quest for innovative solutions, we must consider their potential negative consequences. When faced with technological wonders, it is essential to remember human values and ethical norms that should guide our virtual journey.

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